Dinner No 9 hosted by Tanyah

Third round here we come….

This time I have decided to go for things I have wanted to try for a while and never quite got round to it.

Instead of canapes I am going to make a selection of dips as I often do dips at dinner parties

Selection of crudites with:
Chilli jam
Satay dip

I am also making two middle eastern dishes which I have eaten and enjoyed but never made
Flatbread to go with:
Baba ganoush (aubergine dip)
Labneh (cheese dip made from yoghurt)

Bortsch soup, I love beetroot but have never cooked with it.

Smoked salmon souffles.
These are a twice baked souffle and the recipe says they can be frozen so I am testing them out for Xmas!!

Lemon Sole en Papillote, I have cooked fish in foil but not in paper and also not cooked with veg included as this Gordon Ramsay recipe does.  I am unsure about serving what is effectively a paper bag on a dinner plate but it will be something a bit different.


Chocolate and chestnut truffle torte, I adore chestnuts but have only ever used them in savoury dishes even though they are renound for being good with chocolate, so here is my chance to try it out.  I have read through the recipe and hopefully it will not be one of those ‘sinker’ tortes.

Almond and cherry florentines, something I love eating but have never made.

And if anyone can cope my lovely husband will be on hand to make Irish Coffee.  I am already guessing the take up on this will be zero, especially with fresh mint tea as an alternative.

                                       Selection of crudites and dips

Foccacia, didn’t cook properly 🙁
Sole before cooking

                                         Monster chocolate torte

Kate, Lucinda Eirene, Tanyah


                                            Ellie, Kristie, Jo

  1. Anonymous

    Hi this is from Ellie
    Tanyah yet another lovely meal, well done you. A really relaxed and fun evening with good company and of course the lovely Mr L on hand to wait on us!
    I thought the wine pairing was an excellent idea and a way to involve everyone in the meal, I will definitely do this at my next 8ate club meal.
    Dips, my favourite was the sweet chilli, although I think my hay fever impaired sense of smell and taste may have meant that I couldn't fully appreciate the more delicate labneh and baba ganoush! You did need something better to scoop up the dip though, the little bread sticks weren't up to the job!
    Borscht, lovely soft texture, well cooked, looked stunning with the horseradish, I think could have been a smaller portion, a great starter.
    Souffle, the best bit of the night, really delicious, looked great, beautifully light, I am definitely going to make these, well done.
    Lemon sole, looked very good on the plate, I could see the effort that you had put in, I agree that it is a 'girls' main course due to the lack of carbs, but I thought it was a lovely light main, the fish was very well cooked and kept moist in the bag, a good idea.
    Chocolate torte, I am not a big fan of chestnuts, but the almost bitter edge they gave this torte was delicious. It was very rich, tiny portions needed! But a very good, non sinking torte!
    Florentines, I loved these, well done, they looked great, and were delicious.
    Well done, another superb 8ate club meal, thank you for all your efforts, and I look forward to making the souffles!

  2. Tanyah

    Well, all in all I was very happy with the meal. Definitely needed some better scoops for the dips! I will make Labneh again as it was super easy and I really enjoyed it. Would mix in some garlic next time too.
    Bortsch, definitely went overboard on the portion, I can't help it!!
    Loved the souffle and super easy to make.
    Lemon sole, again very easy to prepare, the hardest part was cutting 16 square pieces of paper so not too taxing.
    Chocolate torte, too rich and bitter for me but nice washed down with plenty of whipped cream. Won't make it again.
    Florentines. Yum!
    What was great about this was that 6 courses were all prepared ~ it was nice and relaxed and really that is what dinner party food *should* be about. I can now sit back and relax and enjoy 3 superb dinners before it is my turn again!!
    I must say the company was wonderful, thank you to everyone and especially to my gorgous husband who does so much to make everything easy for me. He even got to eat all the food this time with a guest missing!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi this is from Kristi
    Thank you Tanyah for the very kind invite. It was a delectable night. The food, company and ambience of the evening made it thoroughly enjoyable.
    The crudites with dips were so very moreish. The labneh was my favourite and I am keen to have a go and make it myself.
    I love beetroot and often think it is underused, so the Borscht was a welcome surprise. It was delish and the horseradish cream complimented the earthiness of the beetroot. The reisling was spot on for this course.
    The Lemon sole came to the table, a perfectly wrapped package, with an amazing herb aroma. Presentation was perfect and the taste did not disappoint. Very light and the fish just melted in your mouth. Another great pairing of wine with the Chablis.
    The Chocolate and Chestnut torte was decadent. Incredibly rich with a hint of chestnut and a airy chocolate sponge base – good. I couldn't finish my portion because I wanted to save room for…
    The Florentines YUMMY!
    However the highlight of the meal was the brave and bold choice of the smoked salmon souffle. So light, and just the right amount of smoked salmon. The Californian Chardonnay accompanied it well.
    Thanks for all your efforts Tanyah. Chris provided effortless table service.
    Ladies you have inspired me to dust off the cookbooks and attempt a dish that I would not normally do.

  4. Kate

    Tanyah, thank you so much for a really wonderful dinner. I had a lovely time and the company was great!

    I thought the dips were a great idea instead of a starter and of the four my favourites were the labneh, for it's gorgeous texture and the chilli jam which was just delicious!

    The borscht was delicious, I too love beetroot! And was really excellent with the horseradish, although you mentioned that the portions were on the big side I didn't have any problems finishing it!

    The souffle was my favourite dish of the evening, it was so light but had really good flavour. Really delicious and I was very impressed as I have never even attempted a soufflé.

    The lemon sole was beautifully cooked and had a really delicate flavour, I loved the simplicity of the presentation and the delicious aromas when you first got the plate. I really enjoyed the focaccia as well, it worked well at mopping up the juices!! As discussed maybe a girls main course but definitely a thumbs up from me!

    I think the torte was my least favourite course, the texture of the sponge was really light and the mousse was lovely and rich but for me it was a little too bitter. Very impressive looking pud though!

    Loved the florentines, could have kept eating them all evening! And delicious with the fresh mint tea!

    The meal as a whole was really delicious and so light and I have come away feeling very inspired! Again thank you Tanyah for your hospitality and Lucinda for inviting me, I had a lovely evening!

    Kate x

  5. Tanyah, thank you for this excellent dinner. The food and the company was great, the ideal combination for a successful dinner!!

    I loved the idea of the dips as well as the flavour combination which made it so easy to cater to everyone’s taste. All of the dips were delicious and I particularly enjoyed the baba ganoush as I had never had it before; I am very keen to make it myself.

    The borscht was bloody gorgeous! The texture was great and I loved this version with the horseradish and the slightly spicy twist to it. A great starter!

    The smoked salmon soufflé was very interesting and followed on really well in the course menu. Smooth, aromatic and light. Superb.

    I loved the lemon sole, an excellent light main choice with presentation that served its purpose! Well done, one of my favourites!

    As for the chocolate torte, what can I say, I am a huge choco fan so this was the ultimate palate paradise for me!!! I want this recipe!!!! Incredible balance of richness and moisture, shame I couldn’t finish it all, normally I would (!) but given the fact that I finished all the dishes above, it was just impossible to do the same with this one, no matter how desperately I wanted to 😀 Fabulous choice!!!

    The Florentines were amazing particularly as I had never, ever tasted them before so I found them addictive! Another one to add to my must-do recipes inspired from that night. I thought they were an excellent choice to go with coffees/teas towards the end of the evening.

    Well done Tanyah, perfect hosting, company, ambience, food. Also, I was very impressed with how light the meal was overall! Big thanks again for your hospitality and to Ellie for inviting me!

    Eirene xx

  6. Lucinda

    Tanyah, another gorgeous evening! I had a great time with everyone and fully appreciated all the wonderful dishes you prepared for all of us!

    The idea of doing dips makes perfect sense, I love canapés but they are extraordinarily time consuming given how quickly they are devoured so I am with you on this one! I loved the chilli jam the most, so rich and spicy and perfect with the celery. The baba ganoush was my next favourite as it had a wonderfully delicate flavour with the hint of lemon and garlic bringing it to life. Although satay really isn't for me, it had a very intense (good) flavour and I could see you using that as a sauce for some chicken dishes too. The Labneh was a lovely surprise and the mint was just perfect with it. No need for flat bead as I would have been stuffed by the time we sat down, the crudités were great!

    The Borscht was beautiful with a flavour to match! I loved the horseradish, thought it was a perfect marriage of flavours! In terms of texture, I loved having pieces of beautifully cooked beetroot but wondered if the soup was a little thin??

    Smoked salmon souffles, what can I say except for winner!! They were wonderfully light, they had a gorgeous smokey flavour and a real hit of richness with the creme Fraiche and smoked salmon on top. If these do freeze well then I will definitely be doing them for Christmas!!

    Lemon Sole en papillote
    This had a lovely intrigue to it as you weren't quite sure what was inside until you opened it fully. The flavours were so well balanced and you could taste everything. The dill was great with the sole and I loved the accompaniment of the vegetables, it completed the dish!

    Chocolate and chestnut truffle torte
    This looked amazing!! We just needed about 20 more people to help us eat it! The sponge was just wonderfully light and moist with a depth of colour that set off the torte brilliantly. Although the chestnuts didn't have a huge flavour I did enjoy their influence on the dish, I think they took a little power out of the chocolate and for me that was a good combo. I do find these sort of dishes a little rich so a smaller portion would have been better for me!

    Almond and cherry florrentines
    They looked beautiful and tasted wonderful. The cherry was a great addition and I was pleasantly surprised that they were chewy too!

    I loved the idea of asking a club member to wine pair for each course, it brought a focus to the dish and actually allowed us all to think about the flavours and what works or doesn't work, great idea and something that I think would be great at every dinner!!

    A great evening Tanyah, thank you! So I had better get a date in the diary for mine now i guess!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Arrived to glamorous host Tanyah looking cool calm & collected & not as though she'd just cooked up a storm in the form of delicious dinner!
    Bubbly with lovely dips – the Baba ganoush was really good, sweet chilli jam completely yum – I'd love a jar of this to dip into daily! – but the outstanding one was the Labneh which I'd never tasted before but was completely addictive.

    Having moved to the dinner table the rest of the feast of delights commenced. As a beetroot lover the Borscht soup hit the spot & although looked like it could have been filling was a perfect start to the meal.

    My joint favourite dish of the night followed: a light, mouth watering, well seasoned, smoked salmon souffle which was a complete winner & although cooked twice was a real hit. Ever mouthful was a joy. You definitely need to put this on your Christmas2012 menu!

    Breaking open the beautifully packaged lemon sole pappilotte to let the aromas escape had taste buds tingling before even a mouthful. Light, delicious & perfectly cooked fish. The Focaccia bread allowed us to mop up the juices too, so non went to waste.

    Though complaining about your 1970s kitch kitchen, there were no complaints about the food which kept being served up, hansomely assistented by hubby. The Chocolate & Chestnut Truffle Torte was the other joint favourite – if my mother hadn't told me to not lick the plate, I would have!! Think I was the only one who finished my portion but couldn't resist as it made for a scrummy combination & made me think of Christmas again.

    The florentines looked gorgeous, but as I'm not an almond fan, passed on these, though not sure I'd have had any space left after scoffing all the dessert!

    Lovely evening with amazing food which definitely should become stable recipes in the obviously fab chef on Miss T!

    My guest was also blown away but it all – literally! SORRY.

    Thanks for another great 8ate night. x

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