Dinner No 34 hosted by Emma: January 2018

  1. What a beautiful evening. Commenting on this meal is going to sound rather fawning because I just loved everything. The canape is something I would never do – too fiddly for me but it was totally delicious. Loved the tofu, love satay and I love a slaw so very happy. I find that tofu really needs some love to become yummy and this definitely worked.

    The trout was the stand out dish for me, I could have eaten it all day long and was scraping the plate. I have never made my own pickled anything but will deffo have a go now, I’ve been inspired… and that is what I love about the 8ate… I never run out of ooh-ing and aah-ing at what other people have done! The combination of the creamy bit underneath and the pickle and the sweet trout – COR!

    The beetroot risotto was yummy and gorgeous to look at, too much for me to finish but only because I wanted to save myself for pudding 🙂

    And as for pudding – at LAST a pudding with avocado that was not a chore to eat. I love my healthy food, but I have just never got on with the avocado-in-pudding thing, but somehow it totally worked here – I ate the lot and scraped out the pot!

    The table looked so beautiful too – I say this probably every time, but it really is a total weakness for me – I just about manage cutlery and glasses. MUST SORT THIS OUT.

    Thank you Emma xx

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed hosting!
    Aim was to cook a three course meal and canapés whilst keeping to fifteen min prep time on each course and sticking to a vegetarian/pescatarian theme.
    Canapés were great, satay sauce so easy in the nutri bullet!!
    Starter was my highlight! As sooooo easy but a taste sensation and the kind of dish which gives the appearance of a lot of time spent in the kitchen, but this dish was definitely no more than a flat fifteen mins!
    Main being the beetroot risotto – texture not quite right from my point of voice but taste good.
    Dessert I enjoyed but I would imagine because of the avocado it would be a marmite situation – loved by some , disliked and considered “wrong” by others!

  3. jo

    Another lovely evening at Emmas! I can feel the pressure building on me to turn out anything that might be even vaguely as delicious as the asian salad and satay dipping sauce – the salad looked so pretty and I even liked the tofu which is not something i have ever really liked before! We then sat down around a beautifully laid table with individual bottles of rosemary flavoured sparkling water which was different but good. Loved the trout and lentils and the pickled cucumber is something I could eat with most things. Then out came a very pink looking risotto which I panicked slightly at due to the fact that I hate beetroot……..but it was surprisingly very un-beetrooty, tasty but a bit heavy for me personally. The pudding was was delicious although the biscuit soaked in espresso did keep me up thinking about the evening till 3am 😂


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