Dinner No 33 hosted by Scotty: October 2017

Despite living by the sea – I don’t eat enough fish – so I thought it would be fun to do a seafood themed evening.

To nibble – I embarked on some homemade taramasalata – which I thought was pretty rank so I was amazed when a few people thought the taste was ok, even though it was a bit runny !! An emergency nibble planned on the day to detract from the Tara shocker was going to be a crab, lime, chilli, coriander bite – until I couldn’t find any crab – so at 3pm that turned into a scallop, chorizo, beetroot and lime nibble instead – presentation needed some work but they were reasonably tasty.

Then to start – salmon sashimi. Never done this before but as long as the fish is good quality – it’s super easy. Making the soy and ginger jellies was fun as I’ve never used leaf gelatine before – again – amazing how easy that is.

Then lobster bisque. A bit time intensive, but once you get over the horror of killing the lobsters – all the effort was worth it. Would definitely repeat it, loved it.

Then – Harissa monkfish cous cous. Hmmmm I think this needed more harissa as it was a bit bland but then maybe the monkfish would have been over powered ? Not a repeat – didn’t really enhance the monkfish and was just ok.

Finally the apple roses. These look good, are easy to make and yummy. A definite do again for a dinner party. The only top tip I would give is that it can be hard to get the pastry cooked through without burning the top. The first batch I did at 190 for 40 mins and the apple caught at the top. The second batch I did at 180 for about 50 mins and the pastry was a bit undercooked in the middle and so I turned he oven up to finish then off and the apple caught! Needs a little finessing to get the apple to stay red skinned and beautiful.

Loved it though – a fun night and a few recipes to be repeated (not the taramasalta !)

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