Dinner No 32 hosted by Emma: July 2017

I loved doing this dinner and raising money for The Real Junk Food Project in Brighton. None of us appreciate enough the culinary genius that can be uncovered in a domestic fridge of food going out of date. Its only laziness in the way.

  1. The concept of this dinner was fab and it made me think about my own fridge and what gets thrown out. I think one of my skills is being able to take any number of oddments and make a meal out of it but it would never occur to me to make a broccoli hummus and it was damn delicious!

    I am a big fan of chilled soups but my husband won’t be convinced so it was really lovely to be treated to such a delicious one.

    Emma was kind enough to make me some chicken as I am not a fan of lamb – delicious, of course but my stand out dish was the courgette salad. I wish courgettes were used raw more as I think they are a bit of a star. Too many people are put off them by memories of overcooked sludge! It was just really fresh tasting.

    The sweet potatoes were super tasty and I loved the idea of pimping them up – with cheese – I often have half packs of feta which I am looking to use up.. and you could do this with all sorts of bits and bobs!

    The granita was like a pudding in itself – loved the apple on top, the whole thing was like a crushed adult ice pop. Yum.

    Finally the pudding – bananas when frozen are such a revelation – they make a totally guilt free Mr Whippy and I have experimented with all sorts of additions like peanut butter or cacao.

    The table looked so beautiful. I am always so admiring of people who dress a table nicely as it really does seem to be beyond me. I manage cutlery and glasses. I MUST learn to be a little more creative as it really creates a lovely mood. Thank you Emma for another wonderful dinner and can’t wait until the next one!!!

  2. I felt very lucky to attend this dinner. Thanks so much to Tan for the invite and to Emma for such delicious food and hosting such a lovely evening; it was so lovely to meet you all! A real treat

    It was also bizarrely fitting that I came to this one given I’m so passionate about the topic of food waste and spend much of my professional life considering and discussing how we will feed a global population of 9 billion people in the future. Reducing food waste has a huge role to play in helping address this problem and of course it’s something which we can all do in our daily lives – so well done Emma highlighting the topic and supporting such a great charity.
    There was certainly no compromise in flavour as a result. All the food was absolutely delicious – a tale told by our clean plates! My particular favourites were the carrot soup. I love cold soup and this was a delicious variation, it was so light and summery with the heat of harissa coming through. The banana ice cream was the other stand-out it tasted so sumptuous and decadent but (a little double cream aside) was guilt free ingredients – definitely one I’m going to recreate at home.

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