Dinner no 31 hosted by Tanyah; April 2017

I subscribe to BBC Good Food magazine and have a folder full of recipes that I have never tried. This means that I often neglect cookery books and there are a couple of books given to me as gifts that have sat having never been used. I decided this time to open one of these books and look at it cover-to-cover marking every dish I wanted to make. In this case the book is ‘Plenty’ by Yotam Ottolenghi and looking inside I see it was given to me in 2011!!

I always love it when *other* people cook Ottolenghi but have never plucked up the courage to face those long ingredient lists myself!

But actually, apart from the MOUNTAINS of fresh herbs the shopping list was really not that daunting at all. I think the only thing I bought which I have reservations whether I will use again is fenugreek. But who knows, having never used it, it may become my new favourite ingredient!

So having bookmarked about 20 recipes I narrowed down as much as I could for the 8ate meal. It will be a series of oddments rather than a ‘tasting menu’ as there is really no link between the dishes and some of them are clearly side-dishes. I just wanted the opportunity to make them and thank you 8ateclub for giving me lots of mouths to try them out!

If I can get my act together we will be having;

Eastern style foccachia
pistachio and feta dip
marinated burrata

stuffed onions
spiced red lentils
mixed green beans with green cous cous
mushroom and five cheese lasagne
watercress, pistachio and orange blossom salad
celeriac with hazlenuts and lentils

rhubarb, lemon and raspberry swirl

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