Dinner 22

Dinner No 22 hosted by Tanyah: June 2015

This is now my 6th meal for the 8ate club and it is interesting how my menu choices have evolved. The first dinner I did was guinea foul which I had never eaten before or since! For sure the most USEFUL dinner I did was my Christmas dinner which genuinely made such a difference in my life by de-stressing me for hosting my husband’s family for the first time.
But on the whole I have done dishes that I have never done again and this disappoints me. I am making the wrong choices. Although, equally I very rarely make *anything* again. It is a gripe of my husband that he never sees the same dinner twice!
But with dinner parties it is different, there are particular types of recipes that I want to be able to call on, for me the importance is on things that are fairly fuss free and can be made in advance. I hate having to do last minute stuff as after the first hour I am usually too wined to make any sensible movements in the kitchen.
I keep a recipe file with all things I intend to make. Once they have been made I either chuck out the recipe or keep it with any notes. For this 8ate I decided to go through that file and pick out things I have always eyed up but never made.

Smoked trout & radish remoulade tartines

What a very fancy name for what is effectively a little trout salad on toast!

Goats cheese terrine

I have no idea what I am going to do here, it will be thoroughly made up but may contain red peppers/beetroot/courgette. I just fancy experimenting.

Braised ox cheek wellingtons with peppercorn gravy

I am still only a few steps into my journey of exploring different cuts of meat. I thought this would be a good way to present a cheaper cut of meat rather than a stew, which can just never look good. Very excited about making this.
This is a really rich dish and so I may just do simple vegetables as sides as I think anything else would result in people leaving on stretchers
However…. I really want to try a mushroom, potato and pancetta gratin, so may just have to make that and let people serve themselves if they can cope.

Lemon ripple tart

I have always wanted to make lemon curd and I guess a lemon tart is that way inclined. I have never made one and lemon is a great way to finish a meal. The ripple is raspberries. Yum.

Crunchy peanut and toffee bonbons

I made a peanut bomb petit fours for my last meal but I wasn’t happy with them. So this is me searching for Mr Peanutty Right.

  1. Tan

    This was my best 8ate meal yet and that's because I know I will be making most of the dishes again. Success!

    The canape was nice enough but not 'wow' for me, once again I am left wondering if canapes are worth it. Some nice dips do the job really for that beginning time when everyone is preoccupied elsewhere. I would make them again though. I liked the mix of flavours and the crunch of apple/radish/celeriac with the capers and lemon flavour.

    Starter was hilariously 70s. It was my own recipe and I definitely should NOT have used cottage cheese, what WAS I thinking!?! It was just nondescript really, not horrible, just no real flavour.

    The pie was a triumph, I thought it was amazing to get something so tasty from an essentially cheap cut of meat. The meat for 8 people cost £13 as a pose to £50+ for doing a fillet wellington. And this was so delicious – the sign of a good dish is when each mouthful is as rewarding as the last, and you could easily get bored with a meat pie but I felt this was close to perfection! Too big for me to finish but not helped by the potato accompaniment. I did think the potato dish was a nice change to dauphinoise but a bit brown with the pie, would stick with just veggies next time. I was really pleased with the peppercorn sauce it had a flavour that was really only achievable by being cooked with the meat for so long and then being reduced. I thought it was delicious and went so well with the pie.

    The lemon tart filling was really lovely, I had thought it was going to be too lemony but in the event the raspberries balanced it all out. My only comment was that not only was the pastry too thick I would probably just buy pastry next time. I think if I ever get round to buying individual tart tins (which I really want!) these would look very nice.

    My peanut bonbons fell on full stomachs. I knew they would be too much but couldn't help myself. And now I get to eat them all by myself 🙂

    I'm really glad I bought those white tea stars in Sri Lanka for the 8ate club because it is really nice to share these things with other people who are interested in food and drink, for me they did absolutely nothing. Just a big fat gimmick. Or maybe i don't appreciate subtlety….

    All the wine matches were perfect for me and I really loved the Riesling with the lemon tart – a pairing I will definitely replicate.

  2. Lizzy

    Tanyah thank you so much for such a fun night! the table and the flowers were really beautiful and I had such a lovely time. Now, the food was a triumph!

    The smoked trout and Radish remoulade tartines were delicious. Despite what you say, I love canapes and I definitely loved these! I am so wary of fish incase it tastes fishy (ridiculous i know!) but these were gorgeous, rich but delicate, so pretty and definitely worth it!

    The goats cheese terrine was pretty also, not at all 70's! A really light starter, perfect considering what was coming next! I do love goats cheese so I could have handled more of that, but very tasty.

    Braised rump wellingtons, peppercorn sauce and porcini potato gratin was superb. The meat was rich, tender and packed full of flavour. They looked absolutely stunning and tasted amazing. Very big, I tried very hard but it beat me in the end! The sauce was sublime, some came home for Spike and he said it was the best sauce he had ever tasted!! I think the porcini dauphinoise were excellent and creamy potatoes are definitely the way to my heart. Needless to say I already have these recipes from you!

    Lemon ripple tart was a lovely surprise for me. Lemon is something which has really grown on me as of late. Traditionally I would have avoided anything with a strong lemon flavour but it was totally delicious and the raspberry ripple was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So impressed you made your own pastry too!

    Peanut and toffee bon bons were a cracking finale! Adored the peanuts bon bons, they were crunchy, sweet, salty and creamy – truly amazing. This recipe would be very dangerous in my hands!
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  3. Anonymous


    Thank you so much for inviting me to my first ever 8club dinner, I'm difficult to pin down, I know and on a Monday too! but but my goodness, this Monday night will never be forgotten, I am still salivating over the scrummy food and was bowled over but the your humungous effort and talent despite what you might say! I just loved your canapés, they looked beautiful and I am a major fish and dill fan, they were just divine. I was not at all surprised that I managed to totally nail your totally delicious rump wellingtons. The flavours were out of control, I just could not stop. (more peppercorn sauce for me next time!) This is definitely going to win me major brownie points with my hubby so I will definitely be getting your recipe for that one. Raspberry Ripple was a perfect desert, so light and flavoursome, was delicious cold the next day too!

    I have never been a fan of peanut butter at all, but I really did enjoy the smooth textured bonbon. Tan, really well done, such a lot of thought and hard work that was truly appreciated. x


    ps. just not sure what to say about the terrine, other than jolly good effort, the colours rocked!

  4. Holly

    Thank you lizzie for inviting me and thank you Tan for the most delicious meal. Having heard so much about the 8ate club I was quite excited to experience an event. So here we go from the top. The smoked trout and radish tartines got my vote. I always love canapés which are fishy, creamy and full of flavour and easily pop in the mouth without any fuss. The goats cheese terrine served with a yummy light white wine looked gorgeous on the plate – different layers and colours. Personally, I am not a terrine fan but I did enjoy this one as I do love goats cheese. Onto the main course, wow this was seriously good. Every mouthful a total delight. I really enjoyed it. The flavours just worked and nice to have the sauce on the side so you could have as much or as little as you wanted. The asparagus and potato gratin were both cooked to perfection and a good accompaniment. Really enjoyed the lemon ripple tart. Can't believe you made the pastry from scratch too. It was nice to have something lemony after the main course to cleanse the palette. I liked the Sri Lanka tea flower, it was subtle in flavour and had a vague Jasmine tea resemblance. I was so full by the time the Peanut bonbons came round I felt I didn't do them justice….I managed half of the crunchy one and it was tasty. All in all I loved every second of the evening, plus being on a Monday kickstarted my week on a high!

    Thanks girls.

    Keep up the ingenious cooking.

    Holly x

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