Dinner 17

Dinner No 17 hosted by Tanyah: June 2014

Well, this is a new chapter for the 8ate with an almost entirely new cast for this round. I am seriously looking forward to it.

So I am starting this round and I have had a little wish list of things which I am going to throw together this time. So here goes

Home made butter with seeded honey bread

I have fond memories of my mother churning butter in a proper butter churn. I grew up in a rather low-fi household. We put our washing through a mangle until I was 6! I am not as old as this makes me sound. Anyway, sadly I remember the butter churn disappearing on ebay years ago and it never occurred to me to keep it, afterall, that’s what shops are for. However, I have a hankering to try it so instead of canapes I am going to be serving butter with bread. Simple but hopefully tasty. I have made bread often but am rather dull with my loaves so have picked out something a little more challenging. I must admit I really want to do a rye or sourdough but am still too chicken. Maybe next time.

Sweet potato & goats cheese ravioli

The time has come, I am going to make pasta. I really am concerned that there will be nothing to eat as a starter, but that is what the 8ate is all about! Having spoken to Trish who has made pasta loads of times I am hoping it is one of those things that just looks difficult from the outside when you haven’t done it. I decided to go for a ravioli as I may as well make it harder for myself. What if they all pop open when they are cooking eeeeek!

lemon martini granita

I am not sure if I have cheated on this one or not. I don’t think so ~ I decided to make this for the 8ate about a fortnight before the dinner and just ploughed ahead and make it. I thought I would get ahead as it was frozen. Thing is we had a dinner party the other night and I thought I may as well make the most of it and served it then as there was so much! So it has already been tested out. It is INCREDIBLY alcoholic as I didn’t, ehm, follow the recipe entirely and chucked in more booze! The result is that it’s not so much a palate cleanser as a nostril blower so one for non-drivers only πŸ™‚

Confit duck with something and something!

I have wanted to confit duck forever so I am really looking forward to this one. I really don’t know what to serve it with yet. I am thinking some kind of potato cake and maybe an earthy green like kale. Also would a sauce be a good idea? Hhm ~ something rich and meaty or light and fruity. We will just have to see if I get inspiration in the next couple of days.

Salted caramel fondants with caramel sauce, shortbread crumbs and vanilla ice-cream

I have been in love with salted caramel ever since I first sampled it. So the idea of having some in the middle of an oozing chocolate fondant is bloody heaven! I know fondants can be a disaster but I figure the fact that they are already made and in the fridge before the evening begins outweighs the stress of watching them collapse as I try and turn them out.

Peanut butter truffles

I recently ate these at the Gingerman in Brighton and rather cheekily asked the chef for the recipe. If there is any room to pop one in at the end then I will be very impressed. Warning: may contain peanuts.

  1. T

    I really must learn to stop announcing disasters, I could get away with a lot more!

    I was so tempted to slice open my loaf and check it before everyone arrived. I was also tempted to make a back up loaf in case this one didn't work but I held off the urge.
    I was so pleased with the bread, because it felt really heavy but was actually really soft and moist. I use Dan Lepard for every baking recipe, he really is the GOD of baking and if you do what he says it really does work. In this case I didn't follow the recipe which was linseed and sunflower seed (only because I found my cupboard bare on the day!) I used poppy seeds and sesame seeds instead and loved it. Have had a thick slice toasted this morning – LUSH!

    My first attempt at butter was pretty pleasing, I will definitely be making it again – I salted it to preserve it longer but will definitely use a bit less salt next time.

    Pasta – hhmm. Not sure if this is something I will do in a hurry, my kitchen looked like a flour factory at the end, but in a way it’s nice as it elevates a humble food to dinner party status. I think the ravioli flavours worked but in terms of the way it looked it was a bit of a soggy mess. Thank you rocket and parmesan for doing a cover up job!

    Martini – yum. I’m sure some people would find this a bit strong as it is VERY lemony and VERY alcoholic but it is right up my street. Might just have to guzzle the pint that is left on a sunny day by the pool 

    Duck – Thank goodness I made a last minute sauce to go with it, a nice good quality red and beef stock with various flavourings reduced down. It definitely benefited from it. I think the duck confit is a great dinner party dish as it is all prepared well in advance but you do have to plan for it as it takes a couple of days to prep it. You are supposed to submerge the duck for cooking totally in fat but I balked at buying about 8 pots of duck fat so mostly bathed it in wine. So not a β€˜true’ duck confit. I think it would have been more tender if it had been done that way but I thought it was still nice. It gets a tick.

    Fondant – for me this was the winning dish, I was really pleased with all the different flavours marrying together so well. It was uber sweet but I loved it. The crunch from the biscuits and ice-cream topping to go with the warm oozing from the fondants. Just perfect!

    Peanut bombs – I won’t make these again as I think they are a bit heavy at the end of a meal, I prefer a petit four that is a little lighter. However, I have just had a couple for breakfast and they were delicious.

    Thank you ladies for everything you brought for me and everything you brought to the evening by being so lovely!

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