Dinner 16

Dinner No 16 hosted by Sally: January 2014

  1. T

    This dinner was gorgeous! Sally you are a talented lady.
    Well, lets start with the canapes. I loved the idea of poshing up cheese on a stick and I would make both of these, I preferred the feta one because inherently mozzarella has less of its own taste but they were both lovely and it was very thoughtful to only put olives on half (I think I ate them all!) Beautifully presented too as was the whole table.
    I thought the ham hock was deliciously tender, there was definitely no need to tell us it was a disaster as we would never have known. I had similar with a terrine once that I wound up serving in ramekins instead and I think the key is not to tell anyone!! I thought the piece of toast could have perhaps been sliced up a bit but I coped 😀
    The vegetables were OUTSTANDING I absolutely loved them. The balance of sweet/sharp/sour/salt was totally perfect and if I didn't think they were a big hassle to make I would be asking for the recipe. I could sit and eat those all day.

    The duck confit is something I have lined up myself for an 8ate dinner as it always something I have wanted to make. I made a trout confit for the first ever 8ate dinner but honestly couldn't taste any advantage to normal cooking – but THIS was incredible. I have ordered this several times in restaurants and it was never as good as this. It was beyond 'cutting it with a spoon', it was *so* tender and for me it was perfection. I loved the sauce, rich and decadent but not too much and the bubble and squeak. I could easily have eaten it all over again.
    Pudding was so beautiful, the picture doesn't do that gorgeous rhubarb justice. It looked so light and inviting. I have to admit that pannacotta is really not a dish that I ever choose but even I enjoyed this and the idea of serving it in a dish is inspired as it takes away all that will-it-turn-out-of-the-dish-without-collapsing worry. Very cutely rounded of witha couple of shortbread biscuits, a perfect accompaniment.

    What a glorious menu. It was delightful, thank you Sally x

  2. Lucinda

    Sally thank you for such a gorgeous evening, you treated us all to a wonderful meal in a relaxed and beautiful setting!

    Theses were very inviting and colourful with some winning combos of flavours, my favourite was the feta as it had a stronger flavour but I always enjoy mozzarella too,

    The ham hock was so soft and almost delicate in flavour that it almost fell apart in your mouth. I have still not had a go at making a terrine so well done for making this one. The pickled veggies were absolutely delicious and were a perfect contrast in texture and flavour to the terrine which added a real kick to the dish.

    The confit of duck, well what a winner! The skin was crispy and the duck was just so tender and flavoursome, I am definitely going to try that one! The sauce was wonderfully rich and again had a lovely little 'punchiness' to it which was delicious with the bubble and squeak!

    The presentation of this was just so summery and appealing, it was creamy and light, accompanied by such a gorgeous flavour from the rhubarb that just cut through the richness of the panacotta. I really enjoyed the delicate flavour from the coconut as I am not normally a fan of coconut milk, I certainly had no problem finishing this desert off with the lovely little shortbread stars too!!

    Thank you for a stunning meal which you made look effortless, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did,

    Lou xx

  3. Emily

    Thank you for such a lovely evening Sally, I really enjoyed myself, the food was all so delicious and it was good to meet such lovely friends of Tanyah. The table was laid beautifully, the room had a lovely cosy feel.

    Canapés: being a cheese lover, these were perfect for me. Both combinations worked really well together and both reminded me of summer foods – ideal on such a dark wintery night!

    Starter: the ham hock terrine was really good, lovely flavour and worked perfectly with the vegetables. I absolutely loved the pickled vegetables and that they were still nice and crunchy, this was much better than the soft texture they usually are. If I made these I probably have them with lots of other dishes because they were so good! I think the toast would have looked better if it was cut into triangle quarters, more delicate visually on the plate.

    Main course: the duck confit was just gorgeous! The meat was so tender and juicy, it fell off the bone, and crispy skin which is always so tasty, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also interesting to hear the whole process you'd gone through to cook it, and it was totally worth the effort. The peppercorn sauce had a nice little kick to it and went well with the duck, as did the bubble and squeak.

    Pudding: I'm glad you managed to track down the rhubarb in the end, the colour and flavour against the coconut panacotta was great the two flavours worked really well together, I'm a big fan of rhubarb. I'm a huge fan of shortbread and your biscuits were just perfect. I liked all the different sundae dishes you served the pudding in too, a lovely touch.

    Thank you again for such a lovely evening.

    Emily x

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